What Is CHAS Accreditation?

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme CHAS accreditation is service that helps to provide health and safety to businesses that meet standards of excellence.

As a result, with the Common Assessment Standard for construction, companies now drive for accreditation to reduce risks across a wide range of areas CHAS is increasingly sought after.

What does CHAS Do and Offer?

  • CHAS helps improve and maintain H&S standards as well as safeguard businesses from foreseeable risks where possible.
  • CHAS applies to clients and contractors i.e: buyers and suppliers. It ensures compliance in different areas such as risk management and it mitigates risks across the supply chain as a whole process.
  • CHAS offer accreditation schemes that help businesses achieve this compliance and support efficiency in supply chain management.
  • CHAS is an authority on Health and Safety compliance which is imperative in businesses. Therefore, they must comply with health and safety guidelines laid down by law in the UK. Please refer to the Health and Safety Work Act 1974. 

CHAS Accreditation and SIPP

As a founding member of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) standards, CHAS assists companies to become SSIP accredited. The CHAS Health and Safety Assessment provides a review of health and safety policies and procedures.

If completed and the assessment is passed, a contractor/business will gain recognition across the SSIP member community. As a result, this is applicable through the wider construction and related industries.

Contractors need to be assessed by multiple health and safety schemes.

By being assessed with criteria, contractors meet all other SSIP members schemes meaning money is saved on multiple assessment fees.

SSIP is not an assessment scheme, it is a membership for assessment schemes that reduce costs for buyers and contractors/suppliers. SIPP has the common aim of reducing duplication.

It is the assessment schemes themselves that become registered members of SSIP.

If an H&S certificate is supplied by a member scheme there should be an SSIP logo on the certificate and/or details of such on the website.

SSIP now has over 60 members, both assessment schemes and UKAS accredited certification bodies.

As a result, all assessment schemes require an annual audit to ensure SSIP standards are met and to provide mutual recognition of consistency in standards.

Who Oversees CHAS?

CHAS is a leading provider of a nationally recognised accreditation service. Therefore, SIPP undergoes, third-party audits to maintain their professional standards as well as the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) standards.

Therefore, CHAS accreditation is important because some buyers require contracting businesses/contractors to meet these standards of excellence before they allow the contractors to tender.

What is the Benefit of CHAS Accreditation?

  • Improve the professional image of contractors and in turn help the contractor to win work contracts they may not have been able to without accreditation.
  • Reduces the time it takes to process tendering for new work, reducing administration time and/or costs
  • Affiliates a business with SSIP.
  • Brings value to a business as it emphasises to potential clients that health, safety and wellbeing compliance. Therefore, obligations are taken seriously and maintained to the utmost professional standards.

How Do You Apply for CHAS?

CHAS must be applied to online. It provides online training and discounts as well as allowing contractors to pre-qualify for jobs.

There is more than one package available and depending on which accreditation package signed up to there may have a few assessments to complete.